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Where can you set up your outdoor movie event?

We can set up our Outdoor Movie services events anywhere. Park spaces and fields are most common, but your imagination is the only limit for us. Rooftops, barges, backyards, pools, lakes, beaches, concrete, artificial turf, you name it! Our Outdoor movie screens can be placed almost anywhere you want.

Can you do outdoor movies during the day?

Inflatable outdoor movie screens use projection. For this reason, you aren’t able to start your outdoor screening event until sunset as they haven’t invented projectors that can compete with daylight. LED display screens are an option of course, but there is a substantial cost increase.

Are you able to do outdoor film screenings in all weather?

We are able to execute outdoor screening events in rain and snow, but it does have to be light in nature. Anything more and it’s just not a pleasant experience for everyone. Wind is also a factor to consider. Inflatable movie screens are giant sails and while we do secure our movie screens with the greatest amount of safety in mind, they do have limits.

Can you show more than movies on your inflatable screens?

With our outdoor screen systems we are able to project virtually any content. We’ve hosted UFC matches, screened hockey and basketball games, corporate events, video dance party events and live streaming to name just a few uses for our outdoor movie services.

Do we need a license to screen outdoor movies?

To screen outdoor movies anywhere else besides your own personal backyard you will need a public performance license to screen your movie outdoors legally. This includes any of the following regardless of size or location – free, non-profit, community events, corporate events including but not limited to street party events. We don’t issue licenses for outdoor movie events but we are happy to obtain them on your behalf.

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